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.......I figured sinced I'm sitting here waiting for the time to turn… - Just Another B-Movie
May 1st, 2004
08:49 pm


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.......I figured sinced I'm sitting here waiting for the time to turn to Sunday afternoon 1:00 pm, I would like to proudly exclaim, with a girly hehe, that i just joined this pretty kick arse group of addicts and aficionados. They are the people out of my own vices, affinities, and, of course, after meal cravings...they LOVE caffine more than I do! Horray!!! Ma, I think I have found my niche in the world and it's the mecca called "CaffineJunkies"

Back when I was a young babe, I never really saw the need for caffine...coffee in general. I mean, sure, I didnt' hate it and given the right amount of cream and sugar, the black tar could actually taste pretty decent, but caffine couldn't substitute a good nights sleep and hot chocolate. Then I woke up and found that College had bitten off one leg and was started to gnaw on the other. So coffee it was and there is no turning back now!

I live for coffee. I live for the bitter, exoticlly intoxicating smell, the semi-sweetness of the perfect brew, the rich assortments of brown....just thinking about it wants me to almost make out with Starbucks...

Recently, I discovered a personal added benefit to coffee:: Being the guilty catholic that I am, I decided to give up coffee for Lent...to be honest it was so bad. I mean I hadn't yet reached that point but before that point i was definately on my way. But during those 20 days...so Lent is 40 days....anyways, my faced suffered tremendously. I ususally don't get break outs, but dude!, it was like a mines field on my face without an coffee. BUT as soon as I started up again on my caffine fixes, my face instantly cleared AND it even had a healthy glow....I don't know what it is, but my face and ego simply just love Coffee!!

Gotta have the my classic Starbucks drink:: Carmel Macchioto with extra shot of expresso.

Current Mood: drunkwith an expresso
Current Music: Andy Tubman

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