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August 28th, 2004
12:07 am


Does Love take Elbow Grease or the Alinement of the Universe?

Do you think that love takes stellar phenomenons or simple elbow grease? Researchers say that what you believe is love determines how you act towards relationships...hmm, but doesn't that fall under EVERY circumstance that happens in life? The "Destiny versus Growth" theories were found in Psychology Journal and I thought there were interesting findings:

People who believe that love is fated to one great love fall under the "Destiny" theory. When these individuals feel like a relationship has no great significant emotional context, they are more likely to bale out of them much faster than persons who follow the "Growth" process.

The "Growth" theory indicates a person who believes love is acquired through time.  Individuals believe that through nurturing practices, getting to know their partners more, and feeling through situations can make love blosom and growth.

So does that mean people who believe in destiny are..well..fated to fail in relationships? According to experts, not exactly.

While finding the ultimate love is what people who believe in Destiny strive for, they put more effort into making a relationship work once they find a relationship significant enough to work on. On the other hand, people who follow the Growth theory are more likely to stay in bad relationships.


.....yeah, yeah...Personaly, I'm more concerned what the Magic Eight Ball saids about me and Aaron!

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August 20th, 2004
07:55 pm


This is my All-Time Cherished Picture of the Olympics...this is what I think about when I think of swimming:

Anthony Ervin

::Anthony Ervin and Gary Hall Jr.::

Swimming will always be my favorite event and Anthony will always be my swimming hero!

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August 14th, 2004
10:53 am


Quick and short, that's how I like them

Here's something I havent' done since ......

Well you know what buddy......you can just SURVEY this!!Collapse )

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August 12th, 2004
06:39 pm


I wanna grow old with you....and loose weight in the process
Honestly, the gym is where I do all my thinking. Most ppl think an individual only gets physical benefits, me? I also enjoy getting a mental work out. It's where I burn off lingering thoughts, make some heavy duty decisions, and make some really interesting observations. I think it has to do something with the blood circulation. I love it!

Observation #3:
I think the cutest thing in the world, besides Chris, is when an old couples works out together! It's ridiculously endearing and it makes one really want to find that "somebody" to grow old with and share a treadmill with when you're retired!...::sigh::

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August 10th, 2004
06:51 pm


Who saids that summer feasting is solely on watermelons and ice teas? Personally, I like a little pie for my summer time treats. I like how you can carve them and add cute little % signs…they are almost representative of how I’ve been spending my time: </p>

(Read On Man)Collapse )

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July 2nd, 2004
05:49 pm


Lost another one....
JustEmoDays's LJ stalker is x1truserenity1x!
x1truserenity1x is stalking you because another friend of yours told them you liked them. They are also eating your food when you aren't looking!

LiveJournal Username:

LJ Stalker Finder
From Go-Quiz.com

Amapola, please, not you too. I thought I would make friends without them having wanting to be me.....I guess not!

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June 14th, 2004
09:40 pm


I'm only gaining Moths in the wallet
Check this list out::

Old Navy
American Eagle
Anchor Blue
Sports Chalet
Barnes and Noble
Limited Too
Best Buy
Data Entry Clerical
24 Hour Fitness
Bath Bed and Beyond
Linen ‘N Things

….and the list grows and numbers as every application gets turned in. Now see another list:

American Eagle—have retail experience/ discounts on clothes I buy in large amounts
Tilly’s—have retail experience/have cool clothes + discount on clothes
Dillards—have retail experience/discounts on clothes
Sports Chalet—have retail experience/ the only place in the A.V. that sells Northface plus they have stuff I would buy!! Work out queen would strike again in here!!!
Barnes and Noble—I love books!
Data Entry Clerical—This is what I firkin do at school…all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have buckos amount of experience!
24 Hour Fitness—HELLO! I’m the overly obsessed work out queen!
Anchor Blue—have retail experience/don’t really shop here but would appreciate the discount!
Ross—bloody worked here last summer! I know the ropes!!/extreme discounts on cheaply priced clothes

…in no particular order, I would ecstatic to get ANY of these jobs!!!!!!!! ARRGG what? Is this my 2 week of not finding anything?! This is ridiculous, especially since I’m bloody qualified to do ALL these jobs! ARRGGGG!!!.....Moral of this lesson: I’m going to run my own business so I don’t have to go through this again!!!

Bright sad?
I think i'm going to start to volunteer just to keep me busy. Also physical education and swimming starts next week!!!


Please PLEASE let me get something over the summer!!!


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May 1st, 2004
08:49 pm


.......I figured sinced I'm sitting here waiting for the time to turn to Sunday afternoon 1:00 pm, I would like to proudly exclaim, with a girly hehe, that i just joined this pretty kick arse group of addicts and aficionados. They are the people out of my own vices, affinities, and, of course, after meal cravings...they LOVE caffine more than I do! Horray!!! Ma, I think I have found my niche in the world and it's the mecca called "CaffineJunkies"

Back when I was a young babe, I never really saw the need for caffine...coffee in general. I mean, sure, I didnt' hate it and given the right amount of cream and sugar, the black tar could actually taste pretty decent, but caffine couldn't substitute a good nights sleep and hot chocolate. Then I woke up and found that College had bitten off one leg and was started to gnaw on the other. So coffee it was and there is no turning back now!

I live for coffee. I live for the bitter, exoticlly intoxicating smell, the semi-sweetness of the perfect brew, the rich assortments of brown....just thinking about it wants me to almost make out with Starbucks...

Recently, I discovered a personal added benefit to coffee:: Being the guilty catholic that I am, I decided to give up coffee for Lent...to be honest it was so bad. I mean I hadn't yet reached that point but before that point i was definately on my way. But during those 20 days...so Lent is 40 days....anyways, my faced suffered tremendously. I ususally don't get break outs, but dude!, it was like a mines field on my face without an coffee. BUT as soon as I started up again on my caffine fixes, my face instantly cleared AND it even had a healthy glow....I don't know what it is, but my face and ego simply just love Coffee!!

Gotta have the my classic Starbucks drink:: Carmel Macchioto with extra shot of expresso.

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April 30th, 2004
11:02 pm


Recently, I've been talking stories to my dear "Older Brah" about the past semester and I've come to several realizations....and the more I think about how right he is and how much I've dismissed the truth, the more pissed off I get!! Just thinking of what was said and how I came to where I am because of it, I should very grateful, yet I'm angry because of it. Thanks very much for the opportunity to strengthen my ties with my sorority sisters and finally develop that life long bond that I've avoid so much last year because I thought I would be doing a disservice to the person I thought I shouldn't break those precious friendship ties with. I should also acknowledge that being gently pushed to the outside has gained me a new prospective that has enabled me to be more observant to the happenings around me. Being like the psychologist that i'm determined to be, I'm more aware now of the double hidden messages that a person can give. I've also given to being more independent and loosing the "forced" implication in the word "friendly." I also have learned valuable lessons in respect, dignity, and relationships. Never again. NEVER, EVER again. ::which I have to give my words about:: 1.) I maybe in ignorant in the underworld of relationships, but I KNOW what I want and who I want, 2.) Just because you're in one doesn't mean you have to set up your friends because they are single, 3.) I HATE having my preferences and crushes looked down on just because YOU think YOU know whose right for me! FUCK THAT SHIT!, 4.) DOnt' think because you have might have chosen the good one out of the bunch, you have to try extra hard to find his friends suitable to set your friends!:: In the end, I've discovered friends in those who i least likely expected, friends in ones I've forgotten and friends in the ones I know i had all along.

But I also have to make a case for the cause, it really, really hurt when I found out what was said.....default due to some lame excuse!! How sad is that! Thanks, when i thought i had to put all my sorority stuff on hold because I thought it would hurt feelings....ouch!

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April 27th, 2004
11:48 pm


Kat my Hero and B. Manning keeping it Real
This one goes out to my dear friend Kat Webster, who never stops to amaze me with her literary and composition talents. No subject is mundane or incorporable in Kat’s words, even eighteen century Russian novels are quite amusing. I salute her and masterpieces and hope someday I will find someone as gifted with storytelling as she is and have them write my papers…sadly til them, I give my valley girl traumas:

::speaking of which, I was watching the perhaps the best documentary ever produced—“I Love the 80’s”::on VH1::-- and I learned something about my origins:: Apparently, the term “Valley Girl” came from a campy movie of the same name that overly caricaturized how girls from, you guessed it, the valley acted. They further explained that the introduction of the word “Like” to everyday conversation destroyed the English language forever…..Like, totally AWESOME!!!!!::

I would like to say I admire B. Manning…he’s the only guy who would and ACTUALLY ADMITT that he prefers girls with eating disorders. Granted, actually verbalizing the preference out loud…….. and in front of two girls…….is such a Brian Manning thing to do, but hey at least the man speaks the truth. Come on, guys know that this is true and kid themselves and girls when they say they don’t. He also said that he never knew what “fat” was until he came to Redlands…..hmm, I’m wishy-washy on that one. I believe to the extent that 1.) he’s from Orange county and like he said, “come on, it’s Orange county…” and 2.) the girls at Redlands do LOVE their beer. But that’s still a horrible thing to say! There are tons of pretty girls at Redlands and seriously 95% of them meet the blond hair/blue eye/tan criteria ::even if he said he doesn’t care::…..so what if they like to binge drink every weekend and like to wear short shirts that show off their stomachs……..they’re still looked at more than I ever will be! BUT kudos to you, Brian, for keeping things real!

FYI:: I’m back to upping my work out sessions again to 2 times daily and I’m back on my one salad a day meal plan and yes, I’m taking TrimSpa…just kidding! But you wonder why I have such a terrible image about my body?!

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